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Areopolis: It is a listed settlement , a beautiful harbour in the entrance of Mani , which is special thanks to the particularity of the landscape and the architecture of Mani. Sharp rocks and white, grayish stones make up a rough and distant landscape.

Tour and trips in Areopolis

Its inhabitants are tough ,independent and harsh , and built their houses like small forts in such a way as to totally protect themselves from invaders.These are made of stone, they vertically built walls and very narrow openings to ensure the enemy is spotted in time.

It was named after the ancient god of war , Ares (Areos Poli – Town of Ares) who represents honour and bravery in which the inhabitants of Mani take pride.

It is 72 km from Sparta and has a population of approximately 1,000. Areopolis was one of the few regions in Greece that was free most of the time thanks to the temperament of its inhabitants, whereas it had a leading role in the war of independence.