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Stoupa – Kalamata

Trips in Messinia
Trips in Messinia, Stoupa Kalamata

Stoupa is a coastal village you can visit any time of the year. The famous Greek author Nikos Kazatzakis and Alexis Zorbas lived here. Kazatzakis was inspired by Zorbas life and wrote the book Zorbas the Greek.

Tour and trips in Stoupa – Kalamata

You will not resist swimming the turquoise waters of Stoupa and Kalogria beach and sunbathing on the sandy beaches until the breathtaking sunset.

In Stoupa you can find elegant and apartments to let as well as luxury hotels.You can enjoy your coffee or a delicious meal at the cafeterias and restaurants near the beach. You should, also, taste the night life of Stoupa. The excellent service and people’s hospitality will make you feel like home.