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Polilimnio Lakes

Trips in Messinia
Trips in Polilimnio Lakes

In the deep gullies of the ravine of the Mavri Limni (Black Lake) lies something very special. Polylimnio is a succession of tiered lakes. In a secluded setting lay 15 lakes, each a complete world in its own right, with its aquatic flora and fauna.

Tour and trips in Polilimnio Lakes

With unusual names such as Black Lake, Little Heart, Italian, Kadi, Panagos, Stathoula and all of them are exquisitely beautiful. Along with gorges and waterfalls they create a unique green ensemble surrounded by olive groves and vineyards.

The lakes are joined by successive waterfalls and lush shade. The most beautiful and largest are the Mavrolimni (Black Lake) and Kadi lakes which are fed by impressive waterfalls.

Visit Polylimnio in the summer and follow the shaded pathways and dive into the cool waters. The path is made up of steps and rope barriers in the more difficult areas so this natural paradise is accessible to most visitors.